We have put associations or federations regardless of whether they yet fully recognised by the ENF/INF or just starting out. We have decided against listing individual dojos – once you click to the country pages, clubs are invariably listed.

Webmasters, if there are any changes to main index pages, please lets us know and we’ll change our hyperlink. Equally, webmasters, please ensure that GREAT BRITAIN (not “United Kingdom”) only has the hyperlink to:

Governing Bodies

International Naginata Federation Click here
(Essentially run from the USA’s Federation site)

Other Naginata Related Links

Nine Circles click here

A budo supplier for Naginata equipment in England.  They ship/deliver overseas too.
(British people, speak to London Naginata Club before ordering from Nine Circles any Naginata items/clothes, because we know this company personally, and can often pick up items in person to save you P&P).

Chiba Bogu
click here
BUDO Equipment, Maker and Supplier in JAPAN.
Regrettably Chiba Bogu no longer ship overseas having faced tough competition from internet friendly and internationally targeted Japanese suppliers. We discover they are still the only Japanese supplier that sell the MONSTER padded-out Koei Sune though. Any ordering is going to be on personal contact basis – ask Rachel. Shipping is still only in Japan, with a lead time of a minimum 2 months

All Japan Bogu (AJB) Click here

All Japan Pitch Bogu are based in Kumamoto, KYUSHU. They run very slick, international operations due to the hugely experienced British International Director, Andy Fisher (a 5 Dan Kendo player and GB Team member). They will sell you complete bogu sets substituting Nagi-Kote, for Kendo Kote; if you do both budo disciplines, ask Andy nicely (its not “a given”) what he might charge for throwing in Nagi Kote in addition to, the regular Kendo Kote. If you mention you are a student of LONDON Naginata Dojo or Wakaba KENDO club and under Rachel HM, he may just be appreciative of more business from our direction. Half of London Nagi students have AJB bogu, custom and regular and couldn’t be happier. We do warn though their SUNE are not the ‘monster padded’ ones that only CHIBA Bogu appear to source. (No critical tone). They have a very active Facebook page too, Andy updates, puts up “Sales” regularly, and answers questions with enthusiam. Their prices are geared for SHIPPING OVERSEAS only, and not for delivery in Japan (which attracts Japanese domestic tax). ps, if you do use RHM’s name, please don’t mess Andy about… cheers.

Japan Promotions Click here

A lovely company with very personal attention and experience of bringing in good quality geniune Japanese products, like clothing (Kimono), and little items like Noren, and clothes wrapping cloths. Also very good at embroidery in Japanese script too on budo clothing. They kindly donated our Naginata-gi nafuda (that’s jacket personal name badge).

Kendo World click here

Forum that has a Naginata section.

You might also want to subscribe to their Kendo bias magazine, which always has a Naginata page or two written mainly by Dr Alex Bennett (who also wrote the only comprehensive Naginata book in English)

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