You will need to join a local club (see here) and the BNA nationally. BNA membership is not expensive, but provides you with insurance and access to seminars, grading, competitions etc.

BNA Membership Fees

Fees run from January to January, regardless of when an individual joins during the year.

Membership Type

Membership must be paid for in person at a club as we  need a signed membership form to cover the insurance element.

New BNA Membership for British Nationals
With full insurance cover*  including “one time buy” passbook (a passport size photo must be supplied) per year, Jan to Jan.
Renewing BNA Membership
(ie. for those already with passbooks and BNA membership) On production of their unique insurance code in their passbook, still Jan to Jan
Discretionary Insurance*
For foreign individuals – does not include BNA membership.  Suitable for those residing in Britain, and who need or want to remain members of their own national federation, but who cannot provide proof that they have world-wide insurance to practice Naginata in Britain. Therefore you require insurance with BNA.

*Note: The insurance is student-to-student and covers all students practicing only within the BNA club/venue environment. That means with a Naginata sensei (coach) who has CL, PL and PI liability cover (British or INF approved). BNA will not, and cannot prohibit private practice between student members; however members must understand any such practice will not be covered by the BNA or our insurers if practice without a fully insured NAGINATA Dan grade instructor, takes place. Such practices if they happen are a private liability affair/action between that/those individual(s) alone.

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