Northern England & Scotland

There are a small number of scattered individual Naginata practitioners in the North of England.

With sadness the one group (in Liverpool) that hasd a BNA insured DAN grade no longer has their leader due to them returning home overseas. One insured coach level DAN lives in Newcastle. These two bases only existed due to players gaining experience and their Dan ranks overseas brefore coming/returning to Britain. Other northern players generally do not have a permanent teacher (sensei) but meet to practice together and join London or regional practices when they can. Its very much self-motivation, should you find yourself “solo” some where in northern England and/or Scotland.

Such individuals are currently scattered on the Wirral,  Newcastle, Edinburgh, York and edges of Birmingham. And are always welcomed to London main dojo, which practices on Saturdays. We try to help people plan visits to London.

If you would like to be put in touch with one of these groups, please email us on: (to avoid spam, we are asking you type the @ symbol)

(both if you want to be sure its reached someone) secretary “at symbol”    or     treasurer “at symbol”

Please note, in keeping with other European countries where Naginata is practiced, having only 1 or 2 dojo, in Britain, is not out of keeping with other European countries situation too (just 1 or 2 dojo in ‘smaller’ countries like us)

We know from experience of supporting remotely located individuals, it will be tough keeping motivated, and taking yourself off to seminars both in SE England, and overseas.

We strongly recommend you consider your own personal circumstances to travel and pursue Naginata as budo, when there is no club local to you. ANYONE however is welcomed at the established clubs in central LONDON and Medway, KENT.

We want to manage expectations, that there’s no roving Dan teacher to travel outside Greater London/SE England – we do Naginata as our Budo as a hobby like many martial arts players, voluntarily, and with the spirit of fun.

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