Naginata People

What sort of people can learn Naginata? We have profiled some of our members to give you a feel for the range of practitioners….

Name: Mireille
Training facilitator and coach

“I started Naginata in Tokyo when I was 14 after being introduced to it by a family friend.  My dad had always wanted me to do Kendo but I was scared that it would hurt too much so Naginata appealed to me as a gentler option.  For the first few years I was only interested in practising kata (I like the idea of trying to achieve perfection) but now I also enjoy sparring in armour.  It’s nice to think that I have a chance at winning against boys who are much bigger than me!”

Name: John

“I’ve always been interested in martial arts but always had trouble finding one I could continue practicing for one reason or another.  I was first introduced to Naginata through a friend when i was 16 and have since found it to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, not just for the martial art itself but also thanks of the people you meet through it.”

Name: Shuko

“I came to England from Japan to study and found that everyone on my course was also foreign. Joining the London club was a great way to make friends with local people who none-the-less shared a common interest with me (I had studied Naginata at school.)”

Social Worker
Age: 50

“I’ve done many eastern martial arts for over 25 years, more recently historical european martial arts at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. However, I have always wanted to train in naginata, as a weapons based art that was and still is largely taught by women. I like the continuous historical tradition of the art and its authenticity. Now I have the opportunity to do what I was waiting all those years to do.”

Name: Paul

“I first saw naginata demonstrated when I was 17. I remember thinking what an interesting art it was at that time and when the chance came to study it – over 20 years later – I jumped at the opportunity. People of any age can take up naginata and find it rewarding and interesting.”

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